Electronic Funds Transfer

With the health and wellness industry on the rise, Swift Funds knows that there are gyms, fitness centers, and health clubs all across America looking for help with the rise in membership. Especially around this time of year, when people are looking to get back into shape, lose a few pounds or gain some muscle, Swift Funds provides a helpful hand by providing financial services for any fitness company interested in adding Swift Funds to their team.

Swift Funds have created a billing and payment processing procedure that is safe, secure and easy to use. The program is effective and is a sure way to increase a clubs flow of cash and even their overall profits. With this side of financial services being completed care for by Swift Funds, companies can work on what matters most for their companies, caring for the members who are partnered with them.

Where Swift Funds benefits companies the greatest is the acquisition of the delinquent payment recovery. When members forget to pay, switch credit cards, or have malicious intent that leaves a gym or club without payment, Swift Funds is on top of the issue for the gym, making sure the fitness center is given their due payment.

With Swift Funds, health clubs can rest easy that their payment will be retrieved. Without breaking the relationship with members, Swift Funds will collect for their customers. At Swift Funds Financial Service, they are focused on helping the bottom line for every company that partner with them.