Swift Funds – Inventory management

When a health club or fitness center is expanding, the inventory fluctuates more than usual. This is another place where the health club management software of Swift Funds comes into action for a gym. When a gym is beginning or expanding the inventory levels of weight machines, barbells, or yoga mats are usually being added to as necessary or if the gym realizes they are in dire need of more, the software program can keep track of all that is coming and came in so no weight goes missing.

A catalog of items can be created in order to keep track of where each equipment piece is located. If a piece is ordered, mark it in the ordered section. Another piece came in, mark it as delivered by the software. Consistently updating the software will keep everyone up to date on where each and every item is. Monitoring the use of specific items is necessary for gyms. If a piece of equipment gets used more often than another, that item will eventually end its usage before the others.

The software can monitor restock level and automatically adjust quantities on hand as necessary. With restock levels consistently monitored, rapid restock is available, so no member of the gym goes unhappy for not being able to workout on their favorite machine. Printing UPC labels for each machine is just as easy as everything else. This helps control loss prevention.

Swift Funds provides a health club management software that is easy to use and universal for any gym that finds they need one.