Swift Funds – Marketing Strategies

Swift Funds is a team of business solution experts who know how to boost member involvement in your health club, fitness center or gym as well as help reach out to potential new members and get them in through the doors. Below, they share a number of marketing strategies that are great for helping gyms and athletic clubs reach their goals and expand with new memberships.

 E-mail Marketing Campaigns

Since paper marketing campaigns have lost their effectiveness in past years, many businesses have embraced e-mail campaigns as the cheaper and more eco-friendly way to reach out to new clients. But what makes a good e-mail marketing campaign? In order to set themselves apart from other business, many will offer specials and deals. But what could go even further is a free piece of advice; something that will get people reading and following your e-mails, which could also draw them in over the long run. Well-written and informative campaigns are highly effective; however offering deals is also a quick strategy to get people in the door.

 Paper Campaigns

While the popularity of paper campaigns have dwindled, there are still numbers out there that suggest the potential that these campaigns can have, if done correctly. By using location and survey data and reaching out to a limited number of customers with a limited amount of repetition, you can build a paper marketing campaign that is minimal on cost and just as effective as one that would cost a company thousands.

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