Swift Funds – Payment Services

Swift Funds specializes in increasing the efficiency and profits of your gym, fitness club, yoga studio and more by offering comprehensive software solutions that can revamp the ways in which you handle your business. One of the most important aspects of running a business is having a sound accounting system, where consumers can make transactions with your company and fuel its flow of revenue. And while this happens, it is best t have a watching eye, preferably a manger, who would ensure that these transactions are handled carefully an applied to the appropriate accounts.

Well with the software solutions of Swift Funds, there is an Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) option that can make all of those processes much easier, and done within a few clicks of the mouse. This will not only be beneficial to your member who will no longer have to deal with paperwork, but you will also have less of a need to file it; because there won’t be any. Electronic payments are the way of the future; they are cheaper, more eco-friendly and also don’t require hours of manpower, which adds up to being a huge money saver for your club.

Swift Funds is always looking for ways to make your business more cost-efficient as well as pleasing to your members, and switching to an electronic payment method, if you haven’t already, will surely be a game changer in the way you conduct your business.